If men don’t speak out against misogyny, we’re part of the problem

I wish I could say I was surprised to hear reports of a private Facebook group, in which 200 male UCD students have been sharing and rating stories and photos of girls with whom they claim to have had sex. As grim as it is, there is nothing unprecedented about it. Less than a year… Continue reading If men don’t speak out against misogyny, we’re part of the problem

Gender Quotas: Making Irish Politics slightly less awful

In July 2013, when the government was debating the highly restrictive Protection of Life during Pregnancy legislation, Tom Barry, a Fine Gael backbencher, grabbed his party colleague, Aine Collins, on to his lap. Her only ‘crime’ was being both proximate and a woman. Simon Coveney was standing nearby, but it’s no coincidence that the minister… Continue reading Gender Quotas: Making Irish Politics slightly less awful

Why Stephen Fry is wrong about God

In a recent RTE interview, Stephen Fry said that God, if he exists (which he doesn’t), is a total bollocks. How, for example, could an all-powerful and benevolent creator possibly tolerate the existence of childhood illnesses, or a parasite that cannot survive without burrowing through a child’s eye? Nothing particularly new or original there, but… Continue reading Why Stephen Fry is wrong about God

Tragedy and the Irish Media

When you think of the media intruding into people’s private grief, what’s the first image that comes into your mind? Perhaps it’s that of a sordid little tabloid journalist in the UK intercepting voicemail messages from the phone of a dead child. Ok, that’s an extreme example, and one that will hopefully never happen again,… Continue reading Tragedy and the Irish Media

Ian O’Doherty…

When writing about the likes of Ian O’Doherty, you run the risk of falling into a couple of traps. Firstly, you’ll be accused of becoming as much of a cliché as O’Doherty himself. “Oh, there you are again,” the Reader will say, “getting yourself into a tizzy over the oh-so-controversial and anti-PC opinions he gets… Continue reading Ian O’Doherty…

Review: Acer C720 Chromebook

I recently decided to replace my unreliable, heavy and cumbersome laptop – with something reliable, light and portable. After initially setting my sights on a MacBook Air, and then spending several days ogling them on Apple’s website, I did a few sums in my head and realised that I didn’t have a spare €1,000 lying… Continue reading Review: Acer C720 Chromebook

Mother’s Day

Two years have passed since my mother died. This time around, her anniversary has fallen on the eve of Mother’s Day – a fact that sounds really nice and symbolic, but kind of isn’t. It’s quite convenient that her anniversary mass coincides with Mother’s Day itself, simply because it neatly condenses two sad occasions into… Continue reading Mother’s Day